Security Rebate Program

Crime & safety programs were noted as a top priority by Lind-Bohanon residents in the 2023 neighborhood survey. In response, the LBNA Board is restarting its flexible grant program aimed at increasing home security in Lind-Bohanon.

LBNA will reimburse residents for up to $250 in home security improvements. Eligible improvements include: new locks for windows and doors, motion sensor lights for the exterior of your home, new strike plates, replacements for broken windows or doors, security cameras, etc.

If a resident is unsure on where to start, we recommend starting with a free Home Security Audit from the 4th Precinct Crime Prevention Specialist. For more information about the security audit, please contact [email protected], 612-398-4707.

To apply for the grant, please submit an online application to the Lind-Bohanon Neighborhood Association or email a printed copy to [email protected]. LBNA will contact you within 10 business days to inform you of the status of your application. Once your project is approved, you can proceed knowing you have funding from LBNA. When your project is completed, and you’ve submitted all receipts and proof of City inspection (if applicable), you will be reimbursed by the LBNA.

Residents can also retroactively apply for the grant as long as all the documentation requirements of the grant process are met.

Lind-Bohanon Home Security Rebate Program